Thursday, 2 October 2014

Dark and Divine

So I have a new LookBook outfit. 
Dark and Divine. 
I haven't owned a long black dress before. I bought this one on a whim for $30 from And it is excellent. Although a little long for my 5.5ft body. Luckily for me I have a fantastic mum who took the hem up for me, I was too scared in case I ruined it! 

Anyway, this dress makes me feel 'dark and divine', I feel like a slightly taller witch (platform shoes, heh) which is when I feel my best. I enjoy feeling like a witch. The Harry Potter kind. 

Jay was a darling and took these photos for me. He was especially a darling because I was having a very off day, and could not stop stressing, for some reason. This resulted in me being crankier and more irritable than usual, yet he was lovely and put up with me. 

Also, I am in love with this comet necklace from the Little White Box jewellery store. It is so strange and different to me, I haven't seen something like it before. 

Goodnight xox

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Beautiful Rainy Days

To no one in particular. 

Today it was raining. And the weather was warm. I felt cosy and warm, even though I could still feel the touch of rain against my legs and bare feet, and feel cold water drops leak through my umbrella and down my neck. 

But it was so pretty. 

It always feels so calm to be outside when it's raining. Because it is so quiet, and everyone is sitting inside. When it rains, I just can't stay still. I need to go outside and splash in the puddles. 
Even if I don't have an umbrella. 

Especially if I have no umbrella. But today I found one, so I might as well have used it. 

After it finished raining, I took Sugar for a walk. I splashed around in puddles with my bare feet. People in cars laughed at me as they drove by. 
It was so very pretty. 

I was listening to the soundtrack from Coraline, the movie is excellent, but the music is so ghostly and creepy, I love it. 

And I drew a man. He was supposed to be a woman at first, but that changed. And he was never supposed to have stretchers in his ears, but my pen did a funny thing. So now he does. 
He looks strange, but I'd like to think he'd be a nice man. 

Au revoir xox 

Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentines Day, with someone special

I spent the Valentines day evening with my man. 
He dressed up in a collard shirt, black pants, and a red tie. I was in a red velvet dress. We went to the cinemas, in our little town plaza. 
We felt a lot of eyes on us. But I don't think either of us minded. 

We saw 'Saving Mr.Banks', and laughed and cried together; while stuffing popcorn into our mouths clumsily! 

It was a fantastic night. Although the only photos we got were blinding selfies within the darkness of a car. 
There was no light, so we had to use a flash. 

I love quirky, dorky, silly looking photos with this man. 

Hehe xoxo
How can you be alive one minute, and dead the next? 
Why would a child's life be taken, while you and I still live?

How can you be alive one minute, and dead the next.

Monday, 3 February 2014

As the Patterns on my Dress

The people whom I love and cherish are as many as the patterns on my dress. 

These people are my light. And my teachers. 

They are the ones that remind me that I need to achieve, dream, think, love every day with every essence of my being. Without knowing, they teach me these lessons everyday. 

one: The strong man that stands beside me. He shows me that love is never ending, that love is a free spirit that spins and swirls and goes in whatever direction it likes. He teaches me that love is the appreciation of every flaw, every scar, every tear. That no person can ever have too much love. 

two: The group of colourful misfits that I adore. They are teachers of havoc and noise and laughter. I’m constantly being taught to love life and live it while I have it. I learn from them the importance of spreading love, in the forms of hugs or smiles. That these simple gestures only warm a person’s heart considerably, and two bodies are better than one to keep a heart warm. 

three: The man who has lost his way, the man who has nothing. He comes up to the food bus, and smiles as I give him a cup of coffee, or tea, or whatever he feels that night, no money needed. He carries a backpack, and wears layers of shirts and jackets. He has scars all along his neck. And a back that causes him too much pain. Despite his troubles, he tells me thank you. “Thank you so much, so so much. Thank you for taking the time to be here. Thank you”. For a cup of coffee? 
This man teaches me about compassion and loving what I already have. He warms my heart, knowing that someone appreciates my compassion. He shows me to find happiness in simple things like a small cup of coffee. 
“Good cup’a coffee too” 

four: The children of Timor Leste. The struggle of their past and country is not that far behind them, yet you can only see determination in their eyes. Their love for the people of their country makes them push forward into the future without even the slightest hesitation. That they only think of improving themselves, and making their country and future stronger. They teach me to love what I want, and work forwards into the future to get it. 

five: My bright eyed friend with short hair. Her beautiful grace in which she goes through life, her calming energy engulfs you. She feels like a gentle fairy, content to listen to your thoughts and secrets. She teaches me how to love, think, talk without noise. That my simple company can be enough. 

six (and lastly): My mother. She is my rock. She always stands unmoving to anything and anyone, always there for the ones who need to lean on her shoulder, always their to protect us like a mama bear, always there to show us how to love what we believe in, and stay true to ourselves. I learn from her example, adding in my own values as well. I learn from her to be strong as an ox, and gentle as a mother cat. 

A person can be a marvellous teacher without realising it. You just need to listen and learn. 
Almost every person I love teaches me something about life in one way or another. 
Sometimes I feel like there is never enough patterns on my dress for the ones I love. 


And now for cats. 

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Saturday, 1 February 2014


I've been writing a lot more lately. It's nice to type out my thoughts, so I can look at them again later.
It doesn't help that inspiration comes at 2AM in the morning, but the mind never really works out when we want it to anyway. 

The velvet dress is from a thrift store. The lady behind the counter told me she had a velvet dress when she was my age. A reflection of a memory danced in her eyes. 
It was a nice moment. 

Tony Bianco, Black Zepplin Boots 

Saturday, 4 January 2014

It has been a little while.

Hello to whoever may be reading my sad little empty blog! 

Unfortunately I haven't been writing on here very much the past few months. I have either been busy, or could not have been bothered to do something productive when I wasn't busy! Hopefully this year I could procrastinate a little less, and maybe write on this blog a little more! 

So, what has been happening in my life at the moment? 
For those who might be interested...

I have recently been to Timor Leste in November with a school group. It was absolutely fantastic, Timor Leste is so completely different from any place I had ever been in Australia. The heat and the fact that I was quite far away from home and wasn't allowed to contact my family or friends did make me feel a little down in the dumps, but other than that, it was an amazing and interesting trip. I think I would have to talk about my Trip in another post a little later though! 

My gorgeous Jay and I will be staying at my father's house for the next week. I am very excited because I will get to spend all day and everyday with him. He always has a nice vibe about him, it makes me feel calm and relaxed, and I always feel safe when I lean next to him. Hopefully we get to explore around the other side of Melbourne. I remember when I was younger and even now still, I would go visit my dad, and he would have no patience to wander around and explore the different shops and places that we always walked right past. So I think that will be my goal for next week, for Jay and I to go exploring and find something interesting.

Also, something I had almost forgotten...I have created two other outfits during the end of last year! I just had not posted them on my blog yet.
So here they are:

This first look is one of my favourites. This dress has black-laced petticoat kind of thing underneath, so the whole thing 'poofs' out and I just love it! Red is one of my favourite colours to play with, and in this look I can wear it everywhere! I bought this dress from a ValleyGirl store, and the shoes are just a 'fake' version of the Doc. Martens from Fantastic Footwear.

Second look I had was my gorgeous elephant dress I had also bought from ValleyGirl. Although it is a cheap little clothing line, I love them for their gorgeous clothes! I'm not one to care about brands, only how the products turn out really ;)

I hope you have enjoyed today's post, and please excuse my laziness! I shall try my hardest to post on my little blog frequently from now on!

Stay wonderful and gorgeous! xox